The officially licensed 1:12 scale Suzuki Jimny from FMS is an incredibly detailed and functional RC scaler. From the amazingly detailed interior, to the exterior body, chassis and suspension, this is an RC model that is based on its great role model in almost every area. The 1:12 Suzuki Jimny is ready to conquer the wilderness with you.

To create this officially licensed RC version of the 2021 Jimny, FMS engineers faithfully reproduced the full-size vehicle’s design & detail in versatile 1/12 scale. By including unexpectedly accurate features like a foldable rearview mirror, the FMS Suzuki Jimny marks a new high standard for RC realism. Its elaborate light system raises the bar even higher. Full-function LED headlights offer low & high-beamoptions, as well as working turn signals, fog lights, and brake lights.

When you open the doors and inspect the cabin, you’ll find more sophisticated detailing. The forward & rear seats can all be reclined to create aspacious interior compartment. Just like those in the full-size Jimny, the driver’s seat & front passenger seat can be moved forward or back to accommodate your choice of 1/12 figures. The steering wheel is driven by an independent servo, linked to the front wheel steering — another remarkably authentic feature of the strikingly detailed interior and dashboard.

In addition to capturing its scale looks, FMS engineers adopted elements of the real car chassis to prepare the RC Jimny for demanding off-road action. It has a two-speed transmission, for example, with strong metal gears in the transmission case. The universal joint shaft is also constructed of resilient metal, andthere’s a front/rear 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil spring and 25 stainless steel ball bearings. Except for the size, you might have difficulty telling whether this is an RC model or a real vehicle!

Launch your next RC expedition at the wheel of the ready-to-run FMS Suzuki Jimny 4WD — and let its incredible looks and unstoppable performance give you the thrill of a full-scale off-road adventure.

Realistic body details
Officially licensed product from Suzuki Motor Corporation
4WD all-wheel drive
Original paintwork, with rustproof markings in photo-etching process
Galvanic Suzuki logo
Photo etching of the honeycomb grill
Movable rear view mirror
Wheels with natural rubber tires
Bumpers, hubcaps and roof can be removed for modifications
Functional lighting with up to 15 LEDs
Headlights: high beam / low beam
Turn signal is activated when turning
Front and rear fog lights can be activated remotely
Brake lights are activated when parking
Reversing lights are activated when reversing
Chic interior
Super detailed interior and dashboard
Fold-able bonnet with detailed engine dummy underneath
Side doors open like the real Jimny
The steering wheel is driven by an independent servo connected to the front wheel steering
Adjustable front seats, suitable for 1:12 figures
Fold-able tailgate
Fold-able rear seats for more storage space
Hidden storage space in the trunk
Robust chassis
Solid frame and full chassis structure
Frame rails of metal
Front & rear 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil spring
The scale engine houses a 180 engine with a two-speed gearbox
Metal gears
25 stainless steel ball bearings
Metal U-joint drive shafts
Battery, servo, receiver, ESC, light control – everything under the hood