Wow, some times you dont believe all, but this time i was feel so happy with this excellent mini rc from FTX.
I bought two, one is this Fury and the other is the Texan. Excellent both, is VFM and help people to buy and start learn crawling in or out of house.
Thanks for watching

The latest addition to the Outback Mini X range the Fury 1/18th scale trail crawler provides a great balance between micro 1/24th and larger 1/10th rigs for a great scale crawling experience at an affordable cost.

The Fury Mini X features a clipless body mounting design for a smooth, scale appearance along with moulded grill, mirrors, snorkal and light buckets for the factory fitted LED lights. The high torque transmission and 55T micro motor deliver superb slow speed control, while the locked front and rear axles provide the drive to tackle most inclines. Multi-link suspension, coupled with sprung shock absorbers create excellent articulation to help tackle uneven surfaces.

Factory assembled and finished, all that is required is for you to add 4 x AA batteries to the transmitter, charge the 2S 600mAH LiPo battery via the supplied USB charger and you will be out hitting the trail course. Whether that’s indoors or outdoors depends on, well…the weather.

Height: 135mm
Length: 275mm
Width: 113mm